Fri, July 19th 2019 I Xi’an Qujiang International conference Center

@Ryan Lash/TED

As humans, we are compelled to drive forward and make progress.
We invent new astonishments, and often we use technology to do so -
to extend and improve our mental capacity, our productivity, even our bodies themselves.
How far can we go? How far should we go? And what are the consequences?

We invite you to consider these ideas during a session of TED Talks,
specially curated for the WCG conference.

Talks TED’s famous 18-minute mainstage talks customized for WCG, engaging and inspiring the audience with a distinctive point of view on the topic
Performance The WCG TED session may also include relevant video interstitials, shorts and/or artistic performance
Conversations Following the talks, the TED host will moderate Conversations featuring the TED speakers and a WCG representative